How can a marketing coach help me?

(and how do I know if I have a good one)

A marketing coach is someone who comes alongside you to guide you through the marketing process in order to reach more clients through more strategic campaigns. They are a great solution for someone who wants to do their own marketing or can't afford to hire a virtual marketing director. They can help you create an overall marketing strategy or help you with specific campaigns or specific marketing issues. A marketing coach can be helpful if you've got a good one. Keep reading to discover a few things your marketing coach can help you with.

1. Goal setting.

A good marketing coach will help you identify and quantify long-term and short-term goals. Often, our goals are simple: "I want more clients." Your marketing coach will help you dig deep to find out what you truly want for your business. For some business owners, this is the first time these goals have ever been said out loud. Your coach will help you really drill in to discover what's important to you and help you set achievable action items so you can reach those goals.

2. Analysis.

It can be really difficult to be objective about your own stuff. (Truly!) A good marketing coach will teach you how to look at what you're doing and find things that you may need to change or stop doing, as well as identify and celebrate those things you excel at. Sometimes the littlest tweaks can make the biggest difference. And other things may need a massive overhaul.

Have you ever compared yourself to your competition? Your marketing coach will help you look objectively at your competition, learn from them, and understand how you measure up.

3. Identify opportunities.

Sometimes we miss new opportunities because we're not looking for them. A good marketing coach will help you think creatively and discover a few new places and channels you need to be. (Let's face need to be where your customers are!)

4. Brainstorming.

A great marketing coach will help you brainstorm. It's nearly impossible to be creative when you work in isolation. Your marketing coach can help you brainstorm new opportunities, new campaigns, new product ideas—whatever point you're stuck at, a great marketing coach will help you bust through it.

5. Strategy design.

After we do all the brainstorming and analysis, your marketing coach can help you create your marketing strategy.

6. Avoid pitfalls.

Have you created a campaign (social media, email, etc.), only to have it flop? A good marketing coach can help you figure out what went wrong (if you connect after-the-fact), or they can help you avoid those pitfalls in the first place.

7. Focus.

It can be easy to become distracted by the newest platform (hello, Clubhouse!) or cool gadget that comes across your inbox. Your marketing coach can help keep you focused on the things you need to be doing to achieve your goals (see point 1).

8. Tools and resources.

Seriously? There are tools? Yes! Your marketing coach will point you in the direction of tools and resources to help you with your marketing. (And often, your coach uses these tools, too!) They will help you discover which search terms you should be ranking for, how people discover your website and where they hang out, and just how well your social media is performing. 

9. Consultations.

Sometimes you and your team need help to work through a problem. Your marketing coach can help you bust through those roadblocks by guiding a brainstorming session or two. Getting outside perspective can be crucial when looking to do something different with a campaign, product launch, or PR issue.

10. Support and guidance.

Most of all, a good marketing coach will be your biggest cheerleader. They are ready to high-five you when you reach milestones, or a campaign was more successful than you thought it would be, and they'll help pick up the pieces and help you learn from those ideas that don't perform nearly as well as they should have.

Your marketing coach will offer you support, guidance, ideas, and advice to keep your business moving in the right direction. A great marketing coach is an excellent addition to your business team.

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