I love helping people.

Bottom line. It's my favorite thing to do.

My undergrad experience ranges from vocal performance to theology. (I know, right?) After graduation, I worked for a Christian publishing house for over 20 years. In my time there, I picked up a few skills in publishing, marketing, communications, event planning, and non-profit work. And, I discovered I really enjoy doing these things.

Jane of All Trades Consulting, LLC, simply began as friends helping friends. What started so simply grew into an opportunity to come alongside new friends when they needed it.

I delight in assisting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits deepen their relationships with their communities. From strategy to social media to printed materials, my team can help you expand your influence with and grow your audience.

We're here to help you when you're stuck and you don't see a way forward. Let us help you out of the muck and into an amazing business adventure.